We are changing for you

We are changing for you

We are pleased to present you a new logo of Sell-Glass company.

In order to meet the expectations of our Clients as well as their needs, Sell-Glass has changed its image.

We have also altered our internet service.

The works over our website have been in progress for several months.  While starting the work over the project, out team carefully observed the market trends in order to get you acquainted with our offer in the most convenient manner possible.

Our website contains the pith and marrow of our company, i.e. the information on the services that we provide, what distinguishes us in the industry and what makes us the best.

Carefully taken and selected photographs will help You to visualize what individual stages of glass processing look like and will give you an insight into our machinery.

We do hope that out new image, extensive offer , information as well as numerous articles will appeal to Your tastes and that You will become regular visitors to our service.

Enjoy your reading!